Our activity

Social and industry advocacy

Exploring and representing the interests of those involved in sustainable transport solutions, as well as the possible influencing of factors affecting the economic and legal environment for our association members, analyzing their impact and formulating recommendations, compiling professional materials.
Education of people involved in transport with the help of recommendations and professional/educational materials. 

Contribution to the construction of the sustainable transportation infrastructure in  Hungary, the dissemination of alternative-fuel vechilces and transportation and related innovative solutions (e.g. the dissemination of micro-mobility services, increasing  awareness).

Focus areas

  • Introduction of innovative transport solutions and services and other smart cities solutions.
  • Support for the introduction of micro-mobility services and sharing-based transport models.
  • Promoting awareness, benefits and supporting the market development of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, education in realation to these solutions.
  • Optimizing the development and rules of electric vechicle charging systems, launching educational campaigns.
  • Promoting awareness of sustainable transport solutions, active participation in the development of the testing environment.

3-year plan of the Future Mobility Association


Education and environment

Determination of mobility and micro-mobility directions

Ensuring the accountability of electric car useage related costs

Professional evaluation of tenders, formulation of industry proposals, expansion of the subsuidary target group

Education campaigns and attitude shaping
Participation in the Sustainablity Week (Fenntarthtósági Témahét)


Year of development

Electric car driving should become part of driver educationn

Publication of the results of R&D tenders (e.g. V2G, V2H)

National coverage of electric vehicle chargers, reservation system and ensuring interoperability (accounting)

Nationwide spread of last and first mile solutions supporting public transport

Year of expansion

The use of electric vehicles is a real alternative among young people

Designation of carbon neutral zones in cities

Introduction of a new charging tariff system for EV charging

Spread of V2G and V2H technologies

The appearance of cars using self-driving technology